Business guidance for the New Year’s holiday

Thank you for always visiting Lorenzo’s website.




I would like to inform you about Lorenzo’s business status and order preparation schedule for the New Year holiday.


The holiday schedule for the New Year’s holiday is as follows.




Sunday, December 31 – Friday, January 5: Closed at the end of the year




We are open from Saturday, January 6.




(For inquiries on the above schedule, please call us or use LINE/WEB form. * Please note that if you inquire by phone, the return may be delayed.)




This year, golf wear made of flannel fabric and jersey fabric has been very popular, and we have had many customers come to our store and request orders. Lorenzo is here to help you prepare for winter, so please feel free to contact us.


Can’t you ask me to order a custom coat, a custom tie, a custom shirt, a custom tuxedo golfwear? We also take questions.




Lorenzo offers a wide range of fabric brands from Italy, UK, Belgium and Japan.


We have various patterns as well as many colors. Don’t you have this kind of fabric? I WANT TO MAKE IT LIKE THIS ・・・


Please feel free to ask.


What color would you like for your occasion (business, casual, formal, wedding, entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony)?


What kind of shape would you like? and other advice.




If you would like to see the shape of the custom suit, you can visit the salon, so please feel free to ask.

If you want to make a custom suit, a shirt that goes well with the suit is a must.


If the shirt is clunky, the attractiveness of the suit ordered will be reduced by half. If it fits your budget, I recommend you to match it with a custom shirt to bring out the charm.


As for the shirt fabric, we have a lot of valuations that only Lorenzo can offer.


We have actual fabric samples, so please come to Lorenzo.

Lorenzo, a store specializing in custom suits,

We accept orders for men’s order suits, jackets, pants and order shirts.

Please feel free to contact us.