Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a reservation?

A. Yes. We operate in a small group in our shop and we take orders by appointment only to provide each customer with a special suit.

Please contact us via the reservation form or phone.

You can also visit the store just to see the image of the fabric and the suit. Please feel free to ask.

Q. Can I touch the fabric directly in the shop?

A.You can see the image of the fabric and the suit.

As for the fabric, we have a sample book called Bunch Book which contains about 800 kinds of fabric, so you can check it here.

Q. How long does it take to order?

A. The average first visit is about 60 to 120 minutes. We have a medical record for the second and subsequent visits, so we can adjust the time according to your request.

Q. How far can it be corrected?

A. Body shape correction such as (stroking shoulders, straining shoulders) for each customer. Of course, if it’s a jacket, the shoulders, sides, length, sleeve length, collar width, etc.

In the case of pants, there are various correction points such as waist, inseam, width, knee width, hem width, inseam, etc.

Please feel free to contact the shop regarding other items.

Q. Can I wear spare pants or a vest?

A. We can also order spare pants and vests. However, depending on the fabric you choose, we may not be able to meet your request.

Q. Can I order other than suits?

A. You can also order jackets, vests, pants, shirts and coats.

Q. Do you have any items other than my order?

A. In addition to the custom-made items, we also have a variety of small items such as custom-made ties made in Italy, pocket chiefs, and made-in-Japan socks at great prices.

Q. This is my first order, so I would like to consult with you about various things.

A. There are many customers who order for the first time in our shop.

Please feel free to discuss not only the purpose of wearing the suit and the budget, but also the points you want to focus on, concerns about wearing the suit, etc. We will help you make the “best one” from the conversation with the customer.

Q. I would like to ask you to repair the finished product. Is it possible?

A. It’s possible. We will adjust it while listening to your request at the first fitting.

(Depending on the repair area, we may not be able to handle the repair for a fee, so we will consult with you in that case.)