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Lorenzo's Commitment

As a Lorenzo, we never forget our thorough attention to materials.

In addition to the standard attachment made of cupra for the lining and buffalo for the buttons,

It is possible to choose the essential hair core that supports the inside of the jacket even though it is not visible by the eye, by making two original types, the constructive hair core and the light hair core.

An original 100% cotton slake was used for the pantsmar belt, and a stretchy cupra lining was used for the knee lining.

We will provide you with a high quality suit with a system that is easy for you to use.


Original buffalo button.

We also have shellfish and polyester buttons.

Hair Canvas


Uses a hair core with a high percentage of animal hair. It is ideal for thick and sturdy fabrics. The texture is both firm and flexible.



Uses fine bristles for a lightweight and soft texture.


This item is made of 100% cotton Sugi Aya material.

Available in cream, black and grey. Can be produced according to the outer fabric.


Made from 100% cupra with stretchy material for comfort.


We have a selection of carefully selected imported fabrics (Italy and UK).

We offer suggestions depending on your favorite image and style.

Please pick up the dough as you like.

Ermenegildo Zegna
Darrow Dale
Loro Piana

Original Order Shirt

-Made in Japan-

This shirt is made at one of the best shirt factories in Japan.

There is basically no size limit such as neck, body, sleeve length and length.

Also, the height of the collar, the length of the blade point, and the width of the cuffs can be freely set.

We have created an original paper pattern, which is not only easy to wear, but also comes in several collar and cuff types.

This custom shirt can be worn from formal to casual down.

It is a service that you can enjoy customizing according to the wearing scene.


The regular wide color line looks beautiful when wearing a tie, and the horizontal line looks beautiful when wearing no tie. We also prepare the color.

Flask core

The collar and cuffs are designed with a flask core. It gets more comfortable every time you wear it, and gives a three-dimensional feel compared to the adhesive core.

You can choose from hard, regular and soft.


The sleeves are higher than usual to ensure ease of movement.

It can be optionally changed to sleeve back or sleeve crest gather.


Hunched back, Elephant breast, Front shoulder, Spotted shoulder, Narrow shoulder, Wide back width, Wide chest width, Wide sleeve width, Thin collar bone. We are preparing the above body type correction.


(Kaijima cotton, etc.)



- Standard sewing -

*The price includes the fabric. Also, depending on the grade of the fabric, the price may vary.


- Quality sewing -

*The price includes the fabric. Also, depending on the grade of the fabric, the price may vary.

Jersey Suit

*The price includes the fabric. Also, depending on the grade of the fabric, the price may vary.

Custom Shirt

-Made in Japan-

*The price includes the fabric. Also, depending on the grade of the fabric, the price may vary.


*The price includes the fabric. Also, depending on the grade of the fabric, the price may vary.


*Options are examples of some charges.

*Each price is shown as “tax included.”


■Payment Method ■

When you order, you will pay for the item including the optional fee.

Also, please pay by cash or credit card.

Credit Cards: VISA, MASTER, American Express

■About Cancellation ■

Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept any cancellations or changes, so we appreciate your understanding in advance.



We operate in a small group in our shop and are fully booked in order to provide the right suit for each customer.

Reservations can be made via CONTACT “Reservation Form” or by phone. It is by reservation only, so you can carefully select your ideal “one piece” in your own space. Please feel free to contact us.

2.Counseling and Choosing "Fabric and Style"

In order to create the perfect suit for you, we ask you about your preferences, concerns, and image, and propose a suit style that suits your work environment and lifestyle.

3.Careful and accurate measurements

Based on the counseling, you can choose your favorite fabric and style, and then take your measurements. In order to create the best fitting fit for our customers, our skilled fitters will clearly understand your body shape and physique, and create the ideal “one piece.”

4.Sewing Factory

Lorenzo suits are sewn by Gents, a high class men’s clothing ordering factory. In 2016, IACDE (International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives) awarded it the highest “three star” recognition as a garment factory. It is also a garment factory located in Fukushima that combines the most advanced high-performance machines with skilled techniques. It is a representative garment factory for men in Japan, with the motto of uncompromising production control, quality standards, and stable delivery times.

Standard sewing is performed at another sewing factory in Osaka, Japan.


About 4 ~ 5 weeks after we receive your order, we will deliver the only suit in the world that is “just for you.” At that time, we will perform a final fitting and perform a detailed check. Please enjoy your own nice suit.

Also, we may accept long-term orders depending on the status of the order at that time. Please feel free to consult us first.

6.After-sales service

Regarding the sleeve length, slack waist, and hem length of the ordered item, we will make fine adjustments for free for one month from the date of delivery.

(The order shirt will be changed depending on the adjustment.)

We also accept resizing of products over one month, but please note that there is a charge.

“Free” fine tuning is not applicable in the following cases.

・Significant changes in body shape due to diet and training
・In case of accident or intentional damage
・If you wish to change the design according to your preference